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Annual Quilt Show a Winner

Over 100 quilts were on display for Scraps & Threads annual quilt show.  In addition there were several special displays including Quilts for Cops, PIGS, Veteran Quilts, and the Star Baby Quilt Class. Quilts for Cops is a project spearheaded by Melody Casey. The guild is providing “small quilts for cops to keep in their cars.  The quilts could be used to provide some comfort for someone in need.”

Eureka Patrolmen accepting quilts from Melody Casey for the Quilts for Cops program
PIGS, Projects in Grocery Sacks

Veteran Quilts are quilts “made for veterans in VA facilities here in Montana. This is a project started by Bunny Franklin to provide quilts to the veterans at the Fort Harrison VA Hospital in Helena.”

Quilts for Veterans
Quilts for Cops

PIGS are “Project in a Grocery Sack.”  Guild members select 4 fat quarts that are placed in a “sack along with their names secreted inside the bag. Guild members randomly choose a bag not knowing whose they choose and in a given amount of time create a quilty item of some kind for the person whose name is found inside the bag.  At the end of the specified time all the PIGS are gathered together at a regular guild meeting and the sacks are returned to the rightful owners with a finished project inside.”

Ribbons were awarded in 5 categories. Winners in the large quilt category were: 1st. Sandy Mason with Mineral Matrix, 2nd. Melody Casey, and 3rd  Melody Casey. Winners in the medium category were: 1st. Lucy Ravitch with Teach me, 2nd. Annie Dueker, and 3rd  Melody Casey. Winners in the small quilt category were: 1st. Annie Dueker with Spiral Galaxy, 2nd. Renata Schroeppel, and 3rd  Kathie Elenberger. 

Winners in the Mini’s quilt category were: 1st. Annie Dueker with Great Ball of Fire, 2nd  Annie Dueker, and 3rd  Susan Crandall.  Winner in the other quilt category was Terrie Philips with Compass Rose Table Runner. The Best Theme quilt went to Annie Dueker with While Momma’s Away. And the People’s Choice Award went to Annie Dueker with Spiral Galaxy. -Patches

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