Unexpected Sheep

I’d expected a fairly lazy morning on Friday. Not expected at work until mid-morning, I was drinking my first cup of coffee at a leisurely 7:30.

I let the dog out. Sudden barking: Alarm! Alarm! Danger Approaches!

Coming out of the woods, lumbering out of it really, was a large, brownish shape. We’d had two grizzlies come out of that precise location one morning last summer. Swearing, I pulled the dog in and set down my coffee.

The motion wasn’t quite right, and the shape, as I looked through the door, didn’t seem quite right either. I cleaned my glasses. Blinked. Drank some coffee.

Then, I wandered on out, still barefoot, to see if those really were what I thought they were. Sheep!

As I took some photos for the facebook page (oddly enough, no one’s admitted to owning the sheep), the school bus trundled its way along.

The sheep wandered their way into the bus’s path, briefly, but as it approached, they took flight. They returned to graze after it left, and eventually wandered off entirely.

I still don’t know whose they were, but it certainly made for an interesting morning!

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