Saturday’s Freedom Rally was Crowded

The amount of vehicles reminded me of Rendezvous, or similarly crowded events. Cars went up the hill, out of sight from its base, filled the historical village, and spilled over across the railroad.

There were flags, signs (many homemade), noise, and people waving and cheering on the street. It started without much fanfare, and took about half an hour for everyone to get going. It was rather brisk, and for the most part, people stayed in their vehicles while they waited for it to begin.

Mostly, people seemed to have a lot of fun- if not quite as much fun as the folks setting up the hot-tub in Ottawa seemed to be having. It was clean (the parking lot of the historical village was no messier than usual after the vehicles had departed), and as happy a gathering as could be expected after these cold months.

As for the Freedom Convoy, which the rally was in support of, and which we wrote about last week– the latest headlines seem to be the Canadian Government’s decision to invoke the Emergency Act. This apparently will allow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to prohibit travel, “requisition, use or dispose of property”, and regulate the “distribution and availability of essential goods, services and resources” for thirty days.

Personally, I’d really like to know if our government has something similar it can pull out of its pocket. The idea of the government having the authority to requisition property is just a little unsettling, no matter who is running it.

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