The Price of Gas

Last week, after the next-day checkup following cataract surgery, we stopped for gas in Whitefish.  Whitefish has several convenient fuel stops, and, despite hearing that the town merits both a California Zip-code and area code, isn’t all that out-of-step with Montana.

So, I pulled up to the pump, swiped the credit card (how I love that phrase) and began pumping.  High test, into the Talon.  It really likes the most expensive gasoline.  I heard the short lady on the other side of the pump, “Better fill it up.  The price will go up by morning.”

I agreed, then commented that I didn’t have any Biden “I did that!” stickers on my side of the pump.  She agreed that she didn’t have any on her side either, and explained that the situation was about to change.  I looked at my $40 total, and saw that the “I did that!” explanation and Biden’s head had been scraped off.  I don’t know who scrapes Joe off the gas pumps – if it were my business, I would much prefer to have Joe blamed for the rising prices than to risk the comments being directed toward me. 

Anyway, it got me wondering, so I checked to see if AAA has something available.  They do: lets you monitor gasoline prices by grade, state, and over time.  Here’s a screenshot from last Friday:

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