In Case you Missed It

Around this time last year, we looked at tick born illnesses (did you know they can cause a Red Meat Allergy?), noted some damage that occurred to the TFS Community Hall, and learned a fair bit about the Trego School Building, including an examination of the Facilities Report done by the state, recently referenced in a discussion about replacing Eureka’s Elementary School via the construction of a new High School (reported by the Tobacco Valley News).

Tick diseases in Montana

Spring has sprung, and our first ticks are out and about.When folks start talking about illnesses transmitted by ticks, the first to come up almost always seems to be Lyme Disease. While Lyme Disease is the most common tick-borne disease among Montanans, you don’t need to worry about picking it up around here – it… Continue reading Tick diseases in Montana

Damage to the Civic Center

This newest hole isn’t the only damage to the entry- that post alongside the ramp is pretty twisted as well. It’s a common place to back vehicles up to when events are happening, and that puts the entrance at risk of damage. Trego’s Civic Center is due some expensive repairs- with insurance premiums already high,… Continue reading Damage to the Civic Center

Trego School-More About the Building

Since the state was kind enough to go through every K12 school in the state (back in 2008) and evaluate the condition of the buildings, there’s a fair bit of information to play with. The general facts- as taken from the Facilities Condition Inventory. Building Year Constructed (according to the state’s report) Deficiency Ratio Renewal… Continue reading Trego School-More About the Building

Litter vs Artifacts?

If you leave trash sitting around long enough (about 50 years), something mysterious happens and it stops being litter (punishable by a $200 fine) and becomes an archaeological resource which if you remove from federal land could lead to a $500 fine and six moths in jail. What’s the difference? Litter is, according to the… Continue reading Litter vs Artifacts?

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