Part-Time English Position Available at Trego School

Trego School is looking for teachers to foster a love of reading and language on a part-time basis. Specifically the school is looking for licensed educators to teach English Language Arts and Literacy in a four-hour block, one day a week, for at least one thirteen-week trimester (52 hours).

What would this actually look like? As with many of the state teaching standards, English offers considerable flexibility. A topic area class, such as Poetry, could include the standards of English grammar and punctuation, as well as helping with the use of figurative language and nuance. American Literature, or British Literature, or even something less formal, like Adventure Stories or Folk Tales.

This an opportunity for a teacher to do something that they love, to teach a topic that is dear to them. But it also an opportunity for students to learn concepts through application, to broaden their understanding and to learn about a vast array of different topics.

This position could be filled by one person, or by three. In two years, it could be filled by as many as six. It’s flexible, and that’s good for an adult. Teacher turnover is a constant problem in small schools, but students in large districts don’t have the same teacher from year to year either. Often, they have different teachers for every subject.

It’s important for children to be able to learn from multiple styles of teaching. To be able to learn from different people- and to be able to listen to adults who approach things differently, and find the path that works for them. They’ll need that ability, in high school and life beyond. This an opportunity for them to gain that skill.

Interested? Know someone who might be? Come teach at Trego School for a while. Teach Poetry. Or Fairy Tales. Or Short Stories. Or Journalism. Broaden horizons and open new doors. Contact Shari Puryer ( for more details and to pick up a copy of the District Application.

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