This time in years past

At the start of August, we’ve found ourselves writing about Fiber Fest, Knapweed, the Definition of a Farm, Wildfire Resources and more.


There are volumes written on what I don’t know about wool fiber and the process of turning fleece into yarn. Present was fiber from sheep, angora rabbits, and alpacas. Being a crafter that neither knits, crochets, or felts, I was dazzled by all the pretty yarns. There was an array of unprocessed wool fleece to…

Four-Stresses to Kill a Weed

It’s probably 25 years ago that I sat in class and heard the general rule “It takes four stresses to kill a weed.”  By that I figure it takes four stresses to kill any plant – and I’m looking at my little alfalfa seedlings with a lot of sympathy.  They have experienced moisture stress.  I…

What is a Farm

A dozen years ago, I wrote “What is a Farm” and now I have one. The bottom line that defines a farm is production.  “The current definition, first used for the 1974 census, is any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during…

Wildfire Resources- useful links

This time of the year, it’s hard to tell where the smoke is coming from – there is just so much of it. Given how dry things are, and how thin our resources are spread, it’s good to keep informed. So, where do we go? State Map- helpful to get a quick glance and see…

Amorous Beetles

Much like humans, male jewel beetles are visual creatures. What really gets them in the mood for love is the sight of a female. Or something that looks a lot like a female…

Thinking About Smoke

As I went for the allergy meds this morning, I thought of Wylie Osler.  For those who never had the opportunity to know Wylie, I can only wish that I had a record of all his stories – Wylie saw the humor in most everything he encountered.  Wylie had asthma – and his story about…

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