We Hear the Phrase Active Shooter

Before I retired, I had to sit through an “Active Shooter Training.”  The most memorable moment was when the instructor commented “Some of you may have a pocket knife” every grad student looked at me, so I passed it to the instructor as he explained “stab, don’t slash.”  I didn’t have this sort of data available that day, but I do as the school board looks at school safety now.

So what did I learn?  June is the lead month for active shooters.  Saturday is the most popular day.  Active shooters are most active between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. – which makes sense to me.  The pdf shows 6 incidents in California, five each in Georgia and Texas, four each in Colorado and Florida, then three each in Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

The report covers 30 pages.  The most unanticipated fact it presented (to me, at least) was that in “2021 witnessed an increase in incidents where citizen involvement impacted the engagement.” p.13

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