Is it an Election if it isn’t Competitive?

I’ve been looking at Congressional districts on Nate Silver’s page.  The title is 270 to win, referring to the electoral college – yet I see that they expect 203 democrat wins and 219 republicans.  With a total of 435 congresscritters, that translates to 13 competitive seats.  RealClearPolitics shows 34 competitive seats.  Either way, most Congressional seats are decided in the primary.  34 of 435 means voters have a real choice in almost 8% of Congressional elections . . . Eldridge Gerry would be ever so proud.

We have an election coming up in November.  There are no democrat candidates at the county level.  Nate Silver sees the congressional race going to Zinke – and he is usually correct.  Since Trump took 53.5% in our new district back in 2020, I can’t argue with Silver. In the absolutely unopposed races, I can cast a conflicting ballot, but the election judge handbook has given our unelected election administrator the power to refuse to count write-in votes. 

If my vote has no chance of making a difference – not even an infinitesimal chance – what difference does voting make?  I mean, they’ve left me the privilege of filling out a ballot, but I have no choices.   

President Biden made a speech Thursday night and in part he spoke on the need for elections so that “We, the people” can choose those who would govern us.  There are occasional spots where Slow Joe and I agree . . . but Joe sees the MAGA republicans as the entire problem, while I see the entire political establishment as having worked for years to take away my ability to influence which official is elected.

Woody Jenkins, a Louisiana representative, said (in 1976): “There are four great protections for our liberties: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.”

The Ear still provides me with the soap box.  The election administrator and secretary of state have chosen to ignore subsection 7 and left only a sham ballot box in my county elections.  I want the ballot box back.  Elections without choices do not support representative democracy. 

We shouldn’t have to sue the state to force the bastards to quit ignoring subsection 7.

1 thought on “Is it an Election if it isn’t Competitive?”

  1. Your right, while I typically vote the right we have people running on both sides that are bought and paid for. They say one thing and support the other. We need transparency and fair elections. Our county commissioners gave us mail in voting so who has control?


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