Salmon: That Time of the Year Again

The Salmon are running in the local creeks again. Salmon are a fish that spawn and hatch in one place and do their growing in another. This makes them a transporter of energy between places, in the case of many salmon between the open ocean and forest streams. Our local salmon are not ocean salmon. There are two species of salmon in Montana- the Chinook Salmon (introduced in the Fort Peck Reservour) and the Kokanee Salmon (first introduced in Flathead lake).

Trego School recently completed it’s annual fall fishing trip, taking advantage of salmon run. Fishing for Salmon this type of year is a slightly different process than other types of fishing: Salmon Snagging

Salmon Snagging

Salmon snagging is not like other forms of fishing. I was introduced to it as an adult, and to me fishing is the art of deception, of all those careful and clever tricks to convince a fish to bite. Fishing is fancy lures, artfully designed to mimic a tasty insect, or endless patience (it’s possible…

Trego School Annual Fishing Field Trip

As the first chills of autumn hang in the air, and the salmon run, the older students of Trego School spend the day fishing with their teachers and support staff. While this year’s trip was marked by somewhat fewer salmon and smaller fish, students returned grinning and eager to show off their catch. Photos by…

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