Exchange Rate and Inflation by Nation

As access to Canada improves, the question of the exchange rate comes up again. It’s been a bit strange with Canada cut off by Covid-inspired regulations, and the return to normalcy seems a good thing.

So, not knowing the exchange rate, I clicked on . As I looked at the chart relating the Canadian dollar to the US dollar, I realized there’s some good charts on this website to show how every currency is doing, relative to the Yankee dollar.

I learned that the Canadian dollar is worth 0.724 US – so we’re looking at a favorable exchange rate at the Duty Free store across the line. It will be good to return . . . whether for bargains or just for the pleasure of visiting some pleasant neighbors. Beyond that though, are the charts that are available online:

I thought our inflation was bad – but it looks like our Canadian neighbors are getting it worse.  So I checked for what’s happening with the Euro:

I’m not sure who is in charge of the Euro – but I don’t want to have the Euro as my reserve currency.  As I look at the next chart, I suspect our nation’s financial managers are as crazy as an ayatollah – Somehow, the Iranian Rial stays dead steady against the US dollar.  I don’t usually believe in coincidence, so this is a great chart to build a conspiracy theory.

The Russian Rouble doesn’t seem to correlate with anything”

Click the link, and see which currencies seem to be doing the best in these inflationary times.

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