Mail from the Montana Secretary of State

After emailing the Secretary of State, and sending a written letter certified mail, both explaining how unlawfully ignoring subsection 7 reduced choices in Lincoln County elections to something approximating zero, I had a brief thrill when I saw mail from the Secretary of State in the PO box.

The thrill didn’t last – I might not get a reply to my concerns, but I did receive government-funded junkmail from Christi Jacobsen.  The first was a card with the message “MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!” printed large across the top.  I’ve been trying to point out that because election administrators are allowed to ignore subsection 7 and not count write-in candidates my vote didn’t, hasn’t, doesn’t count.  Ah, well, at least I can document that she has my address, and the ability to reply. 

The other was a document identified as a voter information pamphlet.  The note said that printing it cost $59,593 and that “Distribution costs were paid for by county governments.”  It appears to be easier to spend public funds than to answer why subsection 7 is ignored.

13-10-211. Declaration of intent for write-in candidates. (1) Except as provided in subsection (7), a person seeking to become a write-in candidate for an office in any election shall file a declaration of intent . . .

(7) Except as provided in 13-38-201(4)(b), the requirements in subsection (1) do not apply if:
(a) an election is held;|
(b) a person’s name is written in on the ballot;|
(c) the person is qualified for and seeks election to the office for which the person’s name was written in; and|
(d) no other candidate has filed a declaration or petition for nomination or a declaration of intent.

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