Will we “Fall Back” for the last time this November?

Daylight Saving time began in March this year (2022) and will end on the sixth of November. Depending on whether the Sunshine Protection Act becomes law, we may spring forward next March, and then, not spring back.

Daylight Saving time comes out of WWI Germany, and part of the reason it has been widely adopted is the potential energy savings. Ostensibly the United States saves about half a percent on energy, which is at least somewhat significant at the national level, if not on any individual pocketbook.

Of course- Montana already has a law doing that (as of 2021). Unfortunately, while Montana wouldn’t need federal authorization to skip daylight saving time altogether (like Hawaii and Arizona), it’s a requirement for permanent daylight savings time. Montana isn’t the only state to vote for year round daylight saving time- Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming have done so as well. However, unless the department of transportation approves it- or the Sunshine protection act becomes law- having the law at the state level changes nothing.

The Sunshine Protection Act would make daylight saving time permanent- no falling back. Of course, it isn’t law yet. The senate passed the bill back in March, but the house has yet to vote on it. If the bill does pass the house, it still has to be signed by the president. If the bill is passed, daylight saving time will become standard time for the United States on the 5th of November, 2023.

Until then? Who knows. The EU postponed making daylight saving time permanent for covid-19, and may postpone it further. After all, it isn’t a great time for Europe to give up on anything that saves power, even if the savings are small. Russia ended daylight saving time in 2014- citing health concerns.

Daylight saving time isn’t without those- humans don’t adjust well to sudden changes in schedule, and the “spring forward” of March comes with a number of associated health risks.

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