In Case You Missed it

In Octobers past we’ve considered all of the many things that require a license beyond hunting and fishing, learned about Chronic Wasting Disease, remarked upon a historical sighting of Caribou in Lincoln County and considered the increasingly relevant question of mandatory retirement ages.

I need a license for what?

One of the worst shocks of growing up was how much paperwork adulthood requires. Recently, I’ve been learning about licenses. Not fishing licenses, or hunting licenses, which I did know about, but professional and occupational licenses. Some professions are obvious. It’s clear that a doctor, an MD, will need a license to practice medicine. Clear, too, the reasons. It’s an obvious issue of public health and safety that people doing surgery ought to have some education on the topic! Which professions require a license is a matter determined by each state. Montana’s Department of Labor regulates 40 boards/programs for…

Chronic Wasting Disease

As the start of the hunting season for deer and elk approaches (general, not archery), Chronic Wasting Disease becomes increasingly relevant again. Chronic Wasting Disease is a prion disease, fatal, with no known treatments. While there are no known transmissions to humans, the CDC recommends having elk, deer or moose tested if there’s known to be Chronic Wasting Disease in the area. If the animal tests positive, they recommend against consumption. For a deer, sampling requires removing the lymph nodes, packaging them, and mailing them to the wildlife health lab in Bozeman. More detailed information about having an animal…

This Week in Trego’s History

This week, in 1987: Caribou sighted in the Northwest Corner of Lincoln County and Construction of the Trego Firehall began.

Game Camera Fails

At 6 am, Mike was out collecting firewood from the stack to start the days fire. Kiki, the older, chubby white Pomeranian was out with him.  Kiki positioned herself off the back steps and started trying to raise the dead with her bark. With enough firewood in hand, Mike called Kiki to the house.  Remarkably, she came when called.  Mike noted that some critter was out there but thought a follow up investigation was better left until daylight. Later that day, we received a call. “Looks like a grizzly walked down your driveway” the caller reported. We had received…

Thoughts on Mandatory Retirement Age

I recall a time when mandatory retirement age became illegal.  The age discrimination law passed in 1967 – the year I graduated high school.  It didn’t personally affect me – I was 17.  Still, I can think of a few reasons we might want to revisit the idea.  The Dakota – the Sioux – as well as the Metis and many other tribes – use the term “elder.”  Just being old isn’t enough to be an elder.  I think it’s because growing older is mandatory, growing wiser is optional.  At any rate,  vigorous people are supposed to lead, elders…

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