In Lincoln County I May be Allowed to

I’ve noticed a meme – pick the subject (your liberties are, the earth is) not dying, they’re being killed by people with names and addresses.    My ability to vote against a candidate in this next election has been taken from me – by well meaning, well-regarded people.

Taking my vote away (and yours) has not been accomplished in a single act – but over time, my vote has been made meaningless . . . and if my vote is meaningless, I’ve been left with the activity of voting, but my vote has no influence. 

Maybe it’s wrong to say I don’t have a choice – I have three potential congresscritters to choose between.  Inside Lincoln County, I can vote for the Cuffe of my choice – I can even write in  Joan Cuffe, Mike’s wife . . . but Paula the Buff won’t count that write-in vote.  I can vote against Matt – but I don’t particularly want to vote against him.  There was no opposition to any candidate on the ballot – and the bottom line is that the election handbook allows our election administrator, Buff Paula, to choose not to count write-in votes.

Paula has a name and an address.  Christi Jacobsen has a name and an address.  I don’t believe either set things in motion to take electoral choice away from the entire county – but it has been done.

Next week, I’ll share the reply to Christi – her response only included “Our office will carefully review your information and observations.”  I think I want a timeline, and I want to be informed of what they do – Christi has already lost a couple of court decisions on elections, and if her office can’t or won’t explain where I’m wrong on subsection 7, it may be time for another.

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