Grandfather’s Guns

I saw a friend’s rifle – his grandfather’s gun.  From the serial number, it was purchased in the Great Depression . . . and even then, the Savage Model 40 Super Sporter wasn’t the most common of rifles.  While Savage was a bit of the low-priced spread, buying a new 30/06 in 1933 would have still shown a bit of financial dedication to hunting.

It’s not a common gun – maybe 18,000 were made, in all calibers, between 1928 and the demands of World War II taking the rifle from production. 

My own Grandfather Gun is a model 1894 Winchester – much more common, but with its own unique features – the serial number dates it to 1902, and it was November of 1901 when they came out with the 32 Special cartridge.  I heard a lot about the inferiority of the 32 special – but the nickel-steel barrel was an extra $10 over the standard barrel, and the 32 special was 10% greater in muzzle energy than the more common 30-30.  My grandfather’s 32 special is a rifle – with a 26 inch barrel, and, with a 1902 production date, is one of the first 32 specials. 

The photograph is of a rifle in better shape than my grandfather’s.  On mine, the blue is worn on the corners of the octagon barrel.  The tree stand my grandmother used to get a 4 point buck in the twenties is gone now, but I recall her telling the story . . . often.

These old rifles are family connections – but I don’t know if the connections with great-grandparents will remain as strong.

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