Next Summer’s Garden

The garden is still covered in snow.  We will find out how the blackberries handled the -29 temperatures this coming summer – they are a bit more cold sensitive than our other brambles – but they have had several years for the roots to grow.  Hopefully they have survived.

In January, it’s a good time to see what NOAA projects to be in store for us – temperature and precipitation.

So, it appears we’re looking at a colder Spring with more precipitation coming in.  As we grab the next outlook, we see temperature outlooks returning more toward normal and

The Summer outlook maps suggest plenty of growing degrees, and a good time for irrigation:

So, it looks like it will be time to plan on a good corn crop, and it is probably time to order some short-season melons and cantaloupes.  January and February are times to make sure we have the seeds on hand for planting – but I’m not ready to predict the last Spring frost date . . . yet.

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