This Time Last Year: Freedom Convoy

Around this time last year, we were collecting headlines from the Canadian news and documenting the freedom rally that took place in Eureka.

Saturday’s Freedom Rally was Crowded

The amount of vehicles reminded me of Rendezvous, or similarly crowded events. Cars went up the hill, out of sight from its base, filled the historical village, and spilled over across the railroad. There were flags, signs (many homemade), noise, and people waving and cheering on the street. It started without much fanfare, and took about half an hour for everyone to get going. It was rather brisk, and for the most part, people stayed in their vehicles while they waited for it to begin. Mostly, people seemed to have a lot of fun- if not quite as much fun…

Blockades at the Border

Slow Roll Protests have emerged at several crossings over the past month, as well as full and partial blockades. Protests are against the new vaccine mandates for crossing the border, and in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottowa protesting the same. A Slow Roll Protest began at 3 in the morning, Monday January 17th on the US Manitoba border at the Crossing between Pembina, North Dakota and Emerson, Manitoba. The Pembina/Emerson crossing is a 24 hour port of entry, with three commercial lanes and 4 auto lanes. It is the most heavily traveled border crossing in North Dakota. Between…

Following the Freedom Convoy

Following events as they are happening takes a bit of work, and this more so than most. It has the advantage of being stretched out in time, so the reader isn’t overwhelmed by a bunch of things happening all at once, but finding what, and why and when proved more difficult. Here’s what I have found (incomplete, both due to the sheer amount of information, and my inability to read French). Headlines Friday Jan. 14- Freedom Convoy Facebook Page Created Sunday Jan. 16- GoFundMe page created by Tamara Lich Canadian Health Minister Defends the need for Trucker Vaccine Mandates (Global…

The internet being what it is, the headlines we’ve written are conserved, though not all of the original hyperlinks and pictures have been.

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