Politicians Aren’t Going to Save You

I tend to like successful politicians – their very likability is the largest factor in getting elected.  Most successful scam artists are likable.  When we get screwed over, financially or politically (assuming there is a significant difference) it’s generally done by people we like rather than curmudgeons whom we can’t stand.

In general, the politicians we elect are confident that they have the answers.  Think about that one for a minute – they’re likable, overconfident people.  Whether as close to me a state senator, or as remote as the President, we elect likable, overconfident people.  Let me go through a few issues – Climate Change . . . used to be global warming . . . the folks who are the most certain are folks who take the issue on faith.  I’ve met a bunch who would explain the significance, yet give me no explanation of how warming would affect my home, 3,000 feet above sea level and just a touch below the 49th parallel.  Gun control – people who have no mechanical ability assume that a gun is too hard to build, confident that the rest of society shares their inability and banning the tool will eliminate its use.

We have a bunch of likable politicians who believe in Keynesian Economics – the problem of having to pay back the national debt is beyond their comprehension.  That was a majority of our elected officials during the last budget session.  And I suspect, if I were to meet this sorry crew as individuals, I would like them.  Unfortunately, there is something approaching half of the US

Congress that can’t understand that when you live beyond your means, there is a reckoning day coming.  Likable, possibly even bright people, wedded to an impossible idea.

I guess I’m finding myself in the position of voting for the party that will damage me the least.  It’s probably about the same as dealing with coyotes – if I have coyotes around that don’t cause me problems, I coexist.  Their replacements could be worse.

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