I’m Pro-Dog, not Islamophobic

There are cultural and religious quirks that just don’t fit.  I read of the mayor of some Palestinian town setting a five dollar reward payment for anyone who shoots a dog.  I don’t particularly care how, what, or where you worship.  That’s behavior that decent folks have no need to tolerate. 

First of all, it’s an old testament thing – the grudge against dogs probably goes back to Moses – and that book is shared by Jews, Muslims and Christians.  The Koran goes into specifics – dogs are seen as ritually unclean, and if one licks you it takes 7 launderings to regain your ritual cleanliness.  History tells that Mohammed was a cat dude.  There are stories that he was bitten by a dog – but Islam in general doesn’t regard dogs a whole lot differently than the other descendents of Abraham. 

Occasionally, I hear of someone shooting a dog in my general neighborhood – say between Whitefish and Kalispell.  The uproar does a good job of convincing me that it isn’t considered an act of religious commitment so much as poor mental health.   

The Islamic thought is that dogs should not live in the house with you – that the angels will not enter a house with a dog present.  Living with a pair of Pomeranians, I suspect that belief may have some foundations – Kiki and the little Lass would definitely sound off on a home invasion, whether angelic or satanic in origin. 

I may live with dog hair – heck, I do live with dog hair – brushing a Pomeranian is a time-consuming task.  I don’t worry about 7 ritual cleansings every time I get licked.  The little beasts think that they protect me and look out for my best interests, and at least their hearts are there.  I have the feeling that people are better when we associate with dogs. 

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