The Bicycle Gun

Harrington and Richardson marketed the bicycle gun – a hammerless 5 shot revolver in 32 S&W short.  Most had 2 inch barrels – Renata’s grandfather left his long-barreled version -3 inches. 

There is actually a hammer concealed in the expanded frame – it should probably be termed something like ‘concealed hammer’ – but a glance at the little revolver, and the first experience with the heavy double action trigger pull, demonstrates that part of the design criteria was avoiding accidental discharge.  I don’t believe pocket holsters had been developed in 1915 – the intent was a pocket revolver that was convenient for bicyclists. 

The revolver was a surprise when the old man died – none of his heirs anticipated the discovery of a small, easily concealed revolver stashed in a drawer.  Renata’s challenge was getting the revolver home from Chicago – once safe in Trinidad, the next challenge was finding ammunition.  With a gunsmithing school as part of the college, that didn’t take long. 

Ours is a perplexing little revolver – the serial number suggests 1912 manufacture, while the barrel markings and ejector mechanism pretty well scream that it was 1915 production.  I’m guessing the frame got stuck at the bottom of the pile for a couple of years. 

Not a particularly valuable antique – but a neat heirloom. 

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