In Case You Missed It

What are we usually thinking about towards the end of February? The annual fishing derby, Canadian news, Trego School, and some of the early stories from the area.

Murphy Lake was bustling for the 16th Annual Ryan Wagner Ice Fishing Derby

Murphy Lake was bustling with activity Saturday (February 6th). It was the 16th Annual Ryan Wagner Ice Fishing Derby. Money raised at the derby goes to the Ryan Wagner Memorial Scholarship, which provides scholarships to Lincoln County High School students. The scholarship fund will also accept direct donations. Parking was crowded, and the lake spotted…

Declaring an Emergency

How different is the United States from Canada? With the recent declaration of National Emergency by Prime Minister Trudeau, I’ve been curious about how National Emergencies work within the United States. Comparing the requirements of Canada’s Emergency Act with that of the United States shows that Canada has much more precise definitions, requirements for oversight…

Not All Canadians

I noticed a headline that referenced “North of the 49th Parallel” as a descriptor for Canadians.  Here, where I’m 20 miles south of the 49th Parallel, that’s correct – basically the Canadians I know are north of 49.  Still, they’re unusual Canadians.  Toronto is further south than Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  72% of Canadians live…

Trego School Enrollment Soars

Enrollment at Trego School continues to rise, in defiance of the historical trend. For the last few decades, school enrollment has been fairly steadily dropping. How low did enrollment actually get? The lowest official ANB (Average Number Belonging -i.e. the official state count of students) that I can find is seven, in the spring of…

Stahl’s Dog

It got so lonely my dog couldn’t stand it. He went down to the Kootenai River and howled ’til the ferryman from Gateway came over and took him across to town. When a man’s dog shows up at the settlement without his master, the settlers in the valley assume, and often correctly, that it is…

Stahl’s Early Days

Edward Stahl shared a bit about his early days – the early days of Trego and Stryker – in his writings about his time at Ant Flat . . . a time when the Ranger was expected to build his own cabin, among other things.  The whole story is at and the following excerpts…

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