Covid and Faceblindness?

I’ve revised my perspective on nasty side-effects of COVID. It isn’t that some of the listed side effects of the disease or its vaccinations are suddenly sounding like a lot more fun, it’s that I recently read about someone who acquired my own personal tragedy via Covid-19.

I’ve been faceblind for almost a decade, and while there’s probably a lot about my brain injury that could be considered objectively “worse”, the worst thing for me to deal with has been my inability to recognize the people I love.

I am profoundly faceblind. I cannot recognize my parents, nor my husband, nor even my own reflection. I will never recognize the son we’ve recently been blessed with.

So I was horrified to see an article out of Dartmouth- the place in the US for studying faceblindness (prosopagnosia)- that described someone acquiring faceblindness via covid.

The folks at Darmouth have some very good online tests for facial recognition, if you’re curious. Facial recognition is a spectrum, from the very bad (me) to the very good (people who never forget a face). If you’re like me, I’d recommend outsourcing the task; mine is done by a Pomeranian.

1 thought on “Covid and Faceblindness?”

  1. Since the spike protein from either the virus or injections (they are NOT vaccines) and the nanolipid particles surrounding the mRNA molecules all cross the blood brain barrier, we are seeing quite a lot of brain injuries and neurological damage escalating these days. Your observation no longer surprises me. It saddens me but we will continue to see these things escalate. In my tiny sphere of influence I’m working with two folks affected neurologically. And I’m retired. I shudder to imagine what it would be like if I were still in practice.


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