August 11th, 2020

Community BBQ at Trego School

Busy! Amazingly busy. Optional tours (small group) coincided with grilling, snacking at picnic tables, the collection of paperwork, and a few very lively games of tag. Trego School is revisiting the past with a collection of old photographs. Most of the photos feature smiling children, but a few feature their teachers. If you’d like to…

My life with Canada Geese

In the flyway, I saw geese as population, as statistics – an appropriate way for a demographer to view any group.  As a retiree, back in northwest Montana, I saw geese as neighbors on about 3 ½ acres of pond.  Watching individuals, and then families, began in 2015. Goose appropriated the island for her nest,…

Earwigs. They’re everywhere, no?

Just yesterday morning I found one curled up inside the handle of my razor. It’s been a good year for earwigs here, a rather moist spring. If you’ve got dead wood near your house or any other nice pile of decaying plants (even mulch), you’ve likely noticed them yourself. Perhaps you’ve heard that earwigs crawl…

Why Complete the Census

The Decennial Census is mandated in the Constitution for a single purpose – to apportion Congressional Representation according to population.  It’s important to Montana – and looking at just Montana, Wyoming, and California shows the math – Wyoming has the lowest population (547,637 in 2010), California the largest (37,253,956 in 2010) and Montana’s 2010 population…

Reading will be taking off at Trego School

Taking advantage of the tour offered during the school’s start of the year Community Barbecue, I had the chance to visit the library and hear about the programs and changes taking place. As students read, they’ll reach new levels, and ultimately the final level of “Flight Commander”. Progress won’t be without material reward, however. Students…

From our Archives: March 2, 1987

Some information about Rendezvous Days, Chapter 18 of the Serial Western Novel, Discussion on the continued ban on blackjack, etc.

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