August 18th, 2020

Trego School Board Met Wednesday

The five-member board meets on the second Wednesday each month at 6 PM. However, in-person attendance is no longer necessary. On the agenda, which can be found prior to the meeting in the school or post office, there are instructions on how to attend the meeting via GoToMeeting. Visitors can join with their computer (headset…

Searching Lincoln County Data

There’s a long-term question of whether North Lincoln County gets fairly treated in county services.  Back when the county was created in 1909, it made sense – everything drained into the Kootenai (except for Stryker, and driving 93 toward Kalispell makes it easy to see how that mistake was made.)  Sixty years later, Libby Dam…

Control of earwigs

Are earwigs our friends or foes? That depends on the context. Earwigs are primarily scavengers of rotting plant material. They aren’t likely to damage your garden plants themselves. As omnivores, they often help control aphids, mites, and various pest insect eggs… and I’m more than willing to put up with them if it means fewer…

Community Decay…Part 1

One could be forgiven for assuming that community decay ordinances were the business of rather fussy municipalities in places other than here. One would, as it happens, be wrong on two counts. Lincoln County, Montana, has one. Back in December of 2018 the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2018-05 “An Ordinance to Control…

Our Nighthawks will be the Next to Leave

As the geese leave the pond for larger bodies of water and training for the larger migratory flights, we’re left with a few ducks, and the evenings provide aerial shows of insect eating birds.  The swallows have been busy all summer removing mosquitoes and other insects.  As the geese leave, the air over the pond…

Scraps and Threads Quilt Guild Meet while Social Distancing

On Thursday August 13, Scraps and Threads, enjoyed a beautiful summer day at the Tobacco Valley Historical Village in Eureka.  This was only the second meeting since the state’s shut down in March. Under the shade of the willow, guild members discussed upcoming events while eating lunch. This is a practical meeting place for the…

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