December 1st, 2020

Evidence of Cheating

There has been a lot of conjecture about voter fraud, and evidence of cheating. One group says there is no voter fraud and never has been. Another points out something statistically unlikely, and says that proves cheating. Neither is right – in the first case, you can’t prove something doesn’t exist – an atheist I…

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Caramel Corn

This delicious recipe is a yummy treat and always a favorite at gatherings or for a cozy afternoon at home. It is not quick to make but well worth the time put into it. Carmel Corn 1 c. butter2 c. brown sugar1 c. light corn syrup1/2 tsp. saltBring to a boil over medium heatSimmer 5…

“Chance favors the trained mind.”
-Louis Pasteur

The Quilters’ Christmas Bazaar Moves Online

With the cancellation of most rummage sales and bazaars, the Tobacco Valley Board of History quilters have moved their annual Christmas Bazaar online. The offerings are modest compared to previous years but there is an opportunity to purchase rare quilted offerings and hand-made one of a kind items.  This year there are two hand quilted…

Third Annual Free Thanksgiving

Last Thursday was the community’s third annual free Thanksgiving meal. The Trego Fortine Striker Volunteer Fire Department collaborated with the Trego Pub to serve a takeout meal. In previous years, the meal has been held at the community hall with decorations provided by the elementary school students at Trego and Fortine schools. In previous years,…

The Not So Perfect Game Camera, a Surprise

An opportunity to capture pictures of scavengers on a carcass  presented itself. I placed two cameras overlooking the carcass.  I had hoped the bears would find this substantial food source. If not, maybe I would have pictures of coyotes or foxes. I had 65 videos, some as long as 4 minutes of ravens, a lot…

Artisan Soaps
Handmade in Trego, order online

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