December 22nd, 2020

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“Serving North Lincoln County”

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” -Edna Ferber

Why call a doctor, “Doctor”

If you look up Merriam-Webster online, you find “The word doctor comes from the Latin word for “teacher,” itself from docēre, meaning “to teach.” Using that definition, it isn’t much of a logic stretch to figure that Jill Biden’s Ed.D. earned the title “Doctor” – her dissertation is on student retention, she has been a…

My Father’s Pistol

For years my father wanted a 410 pistol – just like his father’s.  It wasn’t to be – the National Firearms Act of 1934 outlawed smoothbore barrels less than 18” long.  As I researched to figure out what my grandfather’s pistol must have been, I kept closing in on the game getter -one 22 barrel,…

Lengthy Line for North Valley Food Bank’s Pre-Christmas Food Distribution

The North Valley Food Bank, located in Whitefish, serves Trego via a mobile pantry. The distributions are “drive through” style and occur at the Trego Civic Center; There are no eligibility requirements, and no need to provide supporting documentation. The Mobile Food Pantry typically serves Trego on the first and third Fridays of the Month…

The Christmas Spider, an Eastern European Legend

Many cultures have their own unique Christmas ornaments… When I was little, my folks had a straw goat ornament from Finland, a “Joulupukki”, or “Jule Goat”, a representation of the harvest season’s spirit – something that made an appearance when folks celebrated the return of the light.

Artisan Soaps
Handmade in Trego, order online

Ash Cakes

Ash Cakes are unleavened corn bread – usually cooked on an open fire, and managing the fire is the most challenging part of the cooking. The recipe is fairly basic: 1 cup corn meal½ cup wheat flour½ teaspoon saltWater The flour improves the taste and makes the cakes hold together – it isn’t absolutely necessary.…

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