February 28th, 2022

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School Maintenance and “Out of the Box” Thinking

I’m not sure that turning Lincoln County High School into an elementary is out of the box thinking. There was a boiler in the building when I attended LCHS, and I have a strong suspicion that folks thought outside the box and made use of the higher bonding capacity of the high school district then remodeled my old school into Eureka Middle School. If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, Superintendent Mepham wants to get the taxpayers of Trego and Fortine to help pay for a new high school so that the old one can go to replace the unmaintained buildings in Eureka. Sweet Jesus, Mepham, can’t you even bring a box of chocolates first?

Darris Flanagan’s book: Eureka Montana Standing the Tests of Time, on p.20 tells of the origins of this “outside the box” scheme: “In 1955 a new grade school was built. A major administration change occurred in when a joint board with LCHS and Roosevelt Grade School operating together just as they still do today. Voting is complicated with Trego and Fortine board members voting only when an item concerns the high school.”

I think that translates something like “The LCHS board members from Eureka can outvote the two from Trego and Fortine.” It’s good to get a little bit of a heads-up before they come to us with a tax levy for a bigger bond.

Flanagan also pointed out “In 1955 a new grade school was built.” That’s less than a dozen years older than Trego. I’m not sure we shouldn’t be looking at building a high school in Fortine – they have a record of maintaining their buildings.

Homesteading and Risk

I saw a vague statistic the other day – an estimate that between 46 million and 93 million Americans are descended from homesteaders.  The number seems low – but my work experience is in the West . . . I have received a few paychecks from Minnesota, but most of my working life has been… Continue reading Homesteading and Risk

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Trego’s 99-Year Lease

Part of Trego School’s playground was leased to the school in 1960 in return for water.  It makes a lot more sense if we go back in time and figure out what was going on in the fifties. Electricity was new, and the closest telephone was at Osler Brothers sawmill, just north of Mud Creek. … Continue reading Trego’s 99-Year Lease

Depression and Brain Injuries

Depression occurs after brain injuries so frequently that screening for it should be common practice. It’s logical, to an extent. Who wouldn’t be sad, after a brain injury? Sounds simple-it is- and it’s also inaccurate. To assume that the depression (which has a symptom list far longer than simple sadness) is caused simply by the… Continue reading Depression and Brain Injuries

Stahl Peak Snowpack in March

Stahl Peak’s snow pillow continues to report that the snowpack is above the long-term average.

The three month outlook (March/April/May) has temperatures leaning below normal and precipitation leaning above. Looking at further predictions, the forecast for the longer term has temperatures above average and precipitation below. In other words, starting out wetter and colder than usual, and being hotter and dryer by the June/July/August forecast.

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. -Benjamin Franklin

Remembering Louis Riel

On Presidents Day (that was Washington’s Birthday in my youth) I read and realized that day, in Manitoba, memorializes Louis Riel.  Living adjacent to Canada, we need to take the time to learn a bit of our northern neighbor’s history – and Louis Riel looms large in Canadian history, and even had a small role… Continue reading Remembering Louis Riel

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