February 9th, 2021

Murphy Lake was bustling for the 16th Annual Ryan Wagner Ice Fishing Derby

Murphy Lake was bustling with activity Saturday (February 6th). It was the 16th Annual Ryan Wagner Ice Fishing Derby. Money raised at the derby goes to the Ryan Wagner Memorial Scholarship, which provides scholarships to Lincoln County High School students. The scholarship fund will also accept direct donations. Parking was crowded, and the lake spotted…

“Serving North Lincoln County”

The Small Predators

Sixty years ago, I prowled the field by my house with a single-shot 22, specializing in gophers – Columbia Ground Squirrels.  In the sixties, the war on gophers was the sort of thing that would have made Sadaam Hussein proud – rifle fire, traps, strychnine oats and compound 1080.  The rodent population would dip, but…

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
-Mother Teresa

Back in 1968

If we’re in political hell, I’ve been there before.  I’m realizing that if you’re under 60, you probably don’t remember what was happening in 1968.  When the year started, I was 18, in an 11 story dorm at MSU.  The 40-mile wind blew thirty-five below air through the single pane window, and I coldly remembered…

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The 2022 Election will pull in Out of State Money

As the data from the 2020 Census comes in, Montana’s likelihood of getting two congresscritters approaches 100%. The 1910 Census showed enough population to justify 2 representatives, and the 1990 Census dropped the state down to a single congressman.  This Census brings us back to a pair – which should be interesting in terms of…

Your weekly reminder: Yes, Valentine’s Day is, in fact, this week.

Measuring Wind Speed

While it’s certainly possible to measure wind speed with an anemometer, looking out the window is often good enough. That’s because, back in 1805 Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort developed this handy scale for guessing wind speed based on the sort of observations that can be made out a window. As windspeeds increase, Beaufort’s scale starts…

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The mind is not a vessel to be built, but a fire to be kindled. -Plutarch

How do you know it’s real?

How do you know that something is real? Knowing something is real is always a matter of probability, of getting enough indicators of reality that you are comfortable assuming something is. Certainty always requires a leap of faith, though the size of the leap may vary. Perhaps previous generations had it easier. It was real…

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