January 12th, 2021

“Serving North Lincoln County”

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”

-Oscar Wilde

Do you get all the Government you pay for?

The area represented by the Lincoln County High School district has 31.8% of the county’s population, and provides 45.5% of the tax dollars that fund county government. Libby, where most of the county government occurs, has 50% of the county’s population, and provides 36.1% of the taxes that fund county government.

I guess it’s a question suitable for debate – is it better to receive more government than you pay for, or is it better not to receive as much government as you pay for?

Weird Words: Pontificate

Pontificate, verb: “to speak or express your opinion about something in a way that shows that you think you are always right” (Merriam Webster’s definition for those learning english) The more formal definition they offer is: to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way” Merriam Webster Synonyms include expound, moralize, lecture and… Continue reading Weird Words: Pontificate

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Karl Marx Condensed

I notice a bunch of folks claiming to know the difference between socialism, communism, and fascism – and some of the explanations suggest they never read the manifesto.  So ride along with me for a condensed version of the manifesto. First of all, Karl Marx studied capitalism – and saw that more and more capital… Continue reading Karl Marx Condensed

Artisan Soaps
Handmade in Trego, order online

Sardine Burgers

One of the more interesting recipes we brought back from South Dakota is from Jeeta Kant’s cookbook.  Jeeta’s BS was in Sociology, her Master’s in Geography, and her Ph.D program was in Civil Engineering – with her dissertation on edible wild plants used on the Pine Ridge. She has a rather eclectic academic transcript. Jeeta’s… Continue reading Sardine Burgers

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