January 25th, 2022

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Firearms and Marijuana

While the possession of marijuana alone is still a federal crime, it carries only a $1000 and up to a year of jail time for the first conviction. Add a firearm to the mix, and the potential consequence is multiplied by ten.

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. -Victor Hugo

Complexity May Be a Flawed Solution

One of the great perks of a faculty career was learning from people whose abilities exceeded mine.  One popular professor who qualifies is Jordan Peterson – it isn’t that he expresses thoughts that are beyond my abilities.  He often describes the things that I know but can’t articulate – he clarifies things that I normally…

The Fred Herrig Story

The book is online, and tells the early stories of the area.  The following article, from http://npshistory.com/ tells the story. FRED HERRIG STORY Fred Herrig was a rough and ready, early-day Forest Ranger. He administered the area of Ant Flats, Tally Lake, and part of the North Fork during his tenure. Herrig was from Alsace-Lorraine,…

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Free Covid Tests

As with gym membership provided my university, there is an argument to be made that nothing the government hands out is free. The gym membership wasn’t either- it was part of an activity fee that wasn’t optional. So in the strictest sense, the covid tests aren’t free. You paid for them, at least in some…

In Case you Missed It

Around this time last year the Annual Ryan Wagner Ice Fishing Derby took a place on Murphy Lake- this year, the Derby will be on the 12th of February. The Trego Pub is raising money for the scholarship fund via Pint Night, on January 26th. We were also making some predictions about the 2022 elections,…

Wells-Barnett Becoming Barbie

I note that Mattel is making a Barbie doll that honors Ida Wells-Barnett. They note that she was a journalist, suggragette, and had a role in founding the NAACP- to me, her unusual strength was the use of statistics in her research on lynchings. She deserves a mention in her early role in social research…

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