July 6th, 2021

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50 Caliber Artifact

Most of the artifacts I find on the place are historical instead of archaeological.  Two, found about a half-century apart were cartridge cases from the Sharps “Big Fifty.”  Both were probably not just ejected, but rather discarded.  Each had a split along the sidewall, suggesting that they had been reloaded and re-used at least once…

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. -Victor Hugo

So Texas made Silencers Legal

I noticed that the Texas legislature passed a law legalizing silencers in Texas.  The idea behind it is that if a silencer – technically I think suppressor is a better term – is made in Texas, sold in Texas, and used in Texas, it isn’t a part of interstate commerce, so can’t be federally regulated.…

Lincoln County -Recreation and Government Dependent

For years I’ve worked with the ERS county typology codes – but most were more clear cut and more readily understood.  Usually there was a single driver for a county’s economy.  It isn’t so here and now.  The USDA Economic Research Service has classified Lincoln County with four county typology codes – Government, Recreation, Low…

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A Rare Ride

Back in 1990, I bought a 1988 Yugo. It had 18,000 miles on it, and I paid $999 for it. Couldn’t bring myself to pay $1,000 for a Yugo – but I have long had the habit of buying low mileage used cars. In the next 46,000 miles, the shifter broke twice and had to…

Corn on the BBQ

I like cooking my corn on the BBQ. Especially during hot summer days! This is a great method to cook it. Keeping part of the husk helps prevent it from burning the kernels and it turns out tender and juicy. They can even be made up in advance so it’ll get you out of the…

70 Years with a Slide Rule

As I unpacked a box – filled with items that are too good to leave, but haven’t been needed in 5 years, I came across my old slide rule.  My first slide rule – purchased in Japan for my first birthday.  From high school on, I used this rule, until I retired it for a…

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