March 16th, 2021

“Serving North Lincoln County”

“Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality.” -Eliyahu Goldratt

School Board Elections scheduled for May 4, 2021. Those interested in running should contact the school clerk.

My Goose Neighbors Are Back

First, Gander came by to check.  He and Goose are beginning their 7th year nesting on the island in the pond.  It’s a good spot for a goose nest because the water surrounding the island protects it from the coyotes and egg-raiders while the tall grass of the island makes great aerial camouflage for the… Continue reading My Goose Neighbors Are Back

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The mind is not a vessel to be built, but a fire to be kindled. -Plutarch

Pancakes with Onion

Another recipe from Jeeta’s  Hutterite Community Cookbook is for Potato Pancakes, which takes an unexpected twist.  Remember, these recipes are sized for a colony, not a household. 5 pounds grated potatoes                    5 pounds flour¾ cup grated onions                            ½ tsp pepper5 eggs slightly beaten                         salad oil for frying Grate potatoes and onions.  Drain well.  Combine… Continue reading Pancakes with Onion

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