March 7th, 2022

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A Spy on Pinkham Creek

“It was in 1932 that Charlie Powell, ranger at Rexford, overheard a conversation at a trail camp between two Pinkham Ridgers, indicating that the Ridge-runners planned some incendiarism. He promptly reported this to me. The Ridge-runners were a rather canny clan who migrated from the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky years earlier and took homesteads on Pinkham Creek and Pinkham Ridge. Their chief pursuits were stealing tie timber and moonshining, but occasionally they would set a few fires, “just for the hell of it – to bother the ‘Govment’ men,” and also to provide a few days’ work. A bad epidemic of these fires was experienced in 1922.

Their planning in 1932 was to make lots of work. Bill Nagel, supervisor of the Blackfeet, and I hired an undercover man to go to Eureka to loiter and fish and get in with the Ridgers. He took an old Ford, rambled around the country, got acquainted with all of them, and finally joined their planning discussions after being accepted into their confidence. They completed their plans and set a date (August 22) for setting a string of fires from Edna Creek on the Blackfeet clear through to Sutton Creek on the Kootenai. A man was appointed to go into each drainage and the approximate spot was prescribed where he would set his fire. The complete plan…

In Case You Missed It- This Time Last Year

Highlights from around this time last year include updates on Trego School and the taxes that support it, a comparison of Litter and Artifacts (closer than one might think), Consideration on Widowmakers and an explanation of the word Emoluments.

Thinking Ukraine

I’m not particularly well-informed about Ukraine.  That said, I suspect I am in the top quarter of Americans – my mother-in-law was Ukrainian.  I spent several recent years using messenger to visit with a high school classmate who lived there – Randy would send a bright morning message as he drank his first cup of… Continue reading Thinking Ukraine

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Good News on the NRA

AP showed this “ A judge has rejected an effort by New York’s attorney general to put the National Rifle Association out of business, but will allow her lawsuit accusing top executives of illegally diverting tens of millions of dollars from the powerful gun advocacy organization to proceed. Manhattan Judge Joel M. Cohen said allegations… Continue reading Good News on the NRA

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. -Benjamin Franklin

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