November 17th, 2020

The International’s Last Run

Few of us recall Trego’s first fire truck.  We have to go abeam nearly a half-century to get to those of us who drove it – and I guess I’m one of the youngest.  Tommy White, Jack Dickinson, Ted Burke, LeeRoy Mee, Tom Johnson, Cecil Storm – all gone, and with them many of the…

“Serving North Lincoln County”

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Icicles: Get them before they get you!

It’s that kind of weather. Lots of melting and refreezing, perfect for the formation of massive icicles that will eventually crash to the ground, shattering. But that’s not the only way icicles can cause damage. Icicles can also curve inward towards a building, damaging siding or breaking windows. The damage a falling icicle can do…

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.”

Weird Words: Procrustean

“Procrustean” is a fun word with an interesting history. According to Merriam-Webster, it means: “marked by arbitrary often ruthless disregard of individual differences or special circumstances” The story the word come from is marked by someone who was precisely that. Προκρουστης, known to us as Procrustes, is a figure from Greek mythology. He was a…

Bread Giveaway

By now, you’ve probably noticed the frequent bread giveaways occurring in Trego. A few things to note: It’s for everybody. There’s definitely enough bread, and it all needs a home. It’s not just bread, but other baked goods as well: english muffins, donuts, cookies, bagels, pizza crusts, hot dog buns… This is not just about…

Remnants of an Industry

Walking the place in November’s fresh snow, I notice the remnants of an industry – stumps that were left to grow a second, third or fourth Christmas tree.  The phrase was “stump culture” and the practice fit in with production of wild Douglas Fir Christmas trees.  By cutting high and leaving branches on the stump,…

Artisan Soaps
Handmade in Trego, order online

Fishing with Drones

Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Commission is considering a new rule, specifically a ban on the use of drones while fishing. As it happens, many states have already done so. But my question was this: How are drones used for fishing in the first place? The simplest use is a reconnaissance drone, specifically helpful for fishing…

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