November 3rd 2020

A Pig in a Coat

Thursday morning had an unusual announcement on the Community Page – two pigs were out on the road south of Trego School.  So long as they were on the road, I figured it was no problem, and kept doing a little maintenance on the Suzuki.  Then a red pickup came in, Kiki and the little… Continue reading A Pig in a Coat

“Serving North Lincoln County”

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Polling Responses over Time

Polling response rates also affect polling results.  As State Demographer in a rural state (South Dakota), changes in how the Census obtained and disseminated data made us increasingly dependent on the American Community Survey.  It was definitely more current than the decennial census – but the small numbers of participants made it less reliable.  Deborah… Continue reading Polling Responses over Time

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”
-Benjamin Franklin

Artisan Soaps
Handmade in Trego, order online

Muffins Delish

Wondering what to do with all those beautiful huckleberries in the freezer? This is a super easy family recipe, great for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Any type of fruit or none at all works in these ‘melt in your mouth’ muffins.

Party Affiliation over Time

It seems, especially in the midst of an election year that the political parties are long established and permanent. While we don’t have an especially high rate of turnover in major political parties we do have one. The Republicans became the Democratic Republicans, which eventually become the Democrats (an extremely brief summary of a rather… Continue reading Party Affiliation over Time

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