October 13th, 2020

School Board Meets Next Wednesday

Trego School’s Board will meet Wednesday October 14th at 6PM. Attending it virtually (either with a computer or calling in with a phone) is possible via the gotomeeting app. School Board Meetings are public (unless the board needs to discuss confidential information in a closed session), so the public is welcome to attend (virtually). At…

The not so perfect game camera, part 2

Marketers would have you believe the more money you spend on a game camera, the better the game camera.  If only this were true.  Over the years, I have tried several brands of camera. I am still searching for the perfect camera. I have my least favorite camera or the brands I won’t purchase again.…

Harvestmen, or Daddy-Long-Legs

Earlier this week, I met a Harvestman while making supper. It had stowed away on some kale from the garden, and was still walking about on it… even after a week or so in the refrigerator. Harvestmen have a rather well-known urban legend. Perhaps you’ve heard people say that “they’re the most venomous spiders in…

Be Nice to the Candidates

I can claim that I am an elected school trustee.  So can the school board members in Fortine and Eureka.  Yet I (and probably most of them) was elected by acclamation.  There may be a more politically correct way to describe it – but the reality is that I was elected without anyone voting for…

Repairing a Rifle

I spent some of my time repairing a rifle this week – while the story might not be noteworthy to my gunsmithing friends (I started teaching college at Trinidad State in Colorado), the details might be interesting for another group.  After all, few people begin teaching in a college best known for gunsmithing, and retire…

Believing in Science

After last week’s Do you believe in science? I’ve been pondering. My first reaction was that if you have to believe in science, you’re doing it wrong. Science, on principle, is not a thing to take on faith. It is a field of study that considers doubt to be a virtue. But here, I define…

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