September 15th, 2020

Lincoln Electric Cooperative held Annual Meeting Saturday

The meeting began at eleven with well over the required numbers, despite the heat and increasing smoke. In order to have a quorum, 5% of members were required to attend, which meant that 238 Lincoln Electric Cooperative members needed to arrive and register. Most people appeared to be staying in the vehicles, the stands far…

If LCHS District were a County

After the article on searching Lincoln County data, the question came in: “What if North Lincoln County was its own county?”  The answer is available, but it takes the sort of personality that enjoys digging through data.  Here’s a few facts that would describe the thought experiment that would be county 57. County 57, sharing…

Breathing Smoke

Smoke seemed to fill the air over the course of Saturday, with the mountains becoming increasingly difficult to see. According to the CDC, breathing in smoke may have several immediate effects: trouble breathingcoughingwheezingheadachesscratchy throatstinging eyes These, among other unpleasant side-effects are caused primarily by the very small particles in smoke. While wildfire smoke can contain…

Pine Bark Beetles and Fire Risk

The dense smoke currently hanging over our part of the country has had me thinking about beetles. Why beetles, you say? Pine bark beetles and relatives (genus Dendroctonus) are notorious for killing large stands of coniferous trees (Fir, Larch, Pine, etc.) – even their scientific name translates to “tree killer”. As time goes by and…

Muskrat Watching

As Fall moves the evening hours earlier, and the migratory birds begin their migration, the evening pond watching moves toward the muskrats.  Muskrat watching is not a sensational experience, like watching eagles bank, or hawks dive.  The muskrat isn’t impressive like a bear or cougar.  Our muskrats are near-sighted, hard-of-hearing, and have a poor sense…

LEC members voted to let all members vote

Lincoln Electric Cooperative members voted to give voting rights to all members. Granted, that’s not actually what Proposed By-Laws Change #4 said, but it is precisely what it accomplished. While there was a delegate certificate included in the Notice of Annual Meeting, it applied only to voting “the membership of a corporation, association, school, political…

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