September 1st, 2020

EDL Emulsion Spill in Dickey Lake

The community grapevine has been in full swing about the chemical spill in Dickey Lake on Tuesday, August 25th. With chemical spills, the major questions are “What was it?” and “How much?” The rule of thumb in toxicology is “The dose makes the poison”. Even everyday common substances can be deadly, given a sufficiently high…

Dust Devils and Whirlwinds

Strong swirling winds, but over a small area. Spinning dust and debris. Brief, often a handful of minutes. Almost out of nowhere on a warm, clear day. The literature that studies them calls them dust devils, but to the people that live with them they are dust whirls, whirlwinds, sand trumpets, sand hoses, devils and…

Community Decay: Part 3

At long last, what exactly is community decay? Community decay “may include, but is not limited to any discarded substance, item, or material, such as cardboard, paper, pallets, tires, iron, or metal; demolition waste; construction or building material, such as bricks, concrete, or wood; junk vehicles; ruined or unusable boats, trailers, campers, or mobile homes,…

Local Music Feature: Euphonium Spaceship

Lullaby by Kathi Collins performed by Euphonium Spaceship- check them out on facebook Their album ‘Once I was a River’ is available on CD; Contact Pom, or pick one up at the Trego Pub.

Wasp control

I’d wanted to talk about how to read wasp body language this week, but that’ll be postponed. I couldn’t persuade any individuals to do threat displays this week – all live wasps were well-mannered, despite extreme invasion of their personal space. Most of the wasps I’ve seen around Trego are Polistes paper wasps. We have…

Pushing Brooms

I noticed this picture of an unknown Austrian, in the early days of the first World War, adapting a group of Mauser C-96 pistols for the early air combat.  The photo brought back the days when I was pushing brooms – George H.W. Bush was president, and one of the items of exchange with China…

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