September 29th, 2020

Trego Civic Center Fundraiser

It’s been a rather uneventful season for Trego’s Civic Center. That is to say, with corona virus and associated restrictions, the events that provide the community hall with the ability to pay its monthly bills just haven’t been happening. In more normal years, the community hall has hosted Christmas bazaars, weddings, funerals, plays, pie contests,…

Ask the Entomologist: Massive spider

This past week I had an identification request from a bit closer to home. This giant spider was perched right below one of our windows and my wife wanted to know what it was. While I’d seen and admired her webs before, this was the first time I met the web’s weaver. She must have…

Refugees from the cold

As the year goes by and we feel the weather shifting towards winter, we find more and more insects in our homes. By and large, these insects are trying to get out of the cold, and find our homes just as good an answer as cracks in treestumps, downed wood, or burrows beneath the frostline.…

Fires by Year and Partial Duration Series

When I listened to the explanations that the California and Oregon fires were worse than ever, and resulted from anthropic climate change, I did what I usually do.  I checked for data and found statistics at the National Interagency Fire Center. The table I found lists both number of fires, and acreage burned by year,…

Salmon Snagging

Salmon snagging is not like other forms of fishing. I was introduced to it as an adult, and to me fishing is the art of deception, of all those careful and clever tricks to convince a fish to bite. Fishing is fancy lures, artfully designed to mimic a tasty insect, or endless patience (it’s possible…

Plants: Black Medic

What were those interesting yellow flowers in the lawn? Or, this time of the year, what are those interesting little black clusters of seeds? Black Medic (Medicago lupulina), also known as black clover, yellow trefoil, or hop medic, is an introduced species, related to clover. While it’s found as a weed throughout Montana (the rest…

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