September 8th, 2020

Trego School Board Meets Tomorrow (Wed 9/9)

Trego School has two items of interest on the bulletin board in the post office this week. The first is the agenda for this Wednesday’s board meeting (6PM). The second is an announcement that there is an opening on the school board; anyone interested should contact the clerk for an application. Since the agenda for…

Ask The Entomologist: Fluffy caterpillars

Last week I received an “Ask The Entomologist” identification request. What is this fluffy caterpillar? It was found feeding on blackberry bush leaves. First off, adorable. This is a Tussock Moth caterpillar, so called after the little clumps of hair on their backs. Many fluffy caterpillars are in this group, family Lymantriidae. This particular species…

Paper Wasp Body Language

If you know what signs to look for when you meet a wasp, it’s easy to avoid being stung. Have you ever been buzzed by a bee or a paper wasp? They dive bomb you, fly close to your face, even collide with you, but without stinging? Those were probably sentries for a nest, trying…

Beer Taxes North and South

I listened to a comment from north of the line about how cheap beer is south of the 49th parallel.  So I decided to investigate – and a lot of the difference is alcohol prices is the governmental controls.  Taxes do make a difference in what we drink – particularly when we look at alcoholic…

Musical Life Expectancy

Over 20 years ago, a study was published about the life expectancy of saxophone players. It found that playing saxophone correlated positively with a significantly shorter life expectancy, and suggested that it might be caused by circular breathing and posture – but the data just showed correlation.  Of course, regardless of the quality of statistical data,…

Community Decay Part 4

Q: What’s the difference between lawn art and community decay? A: Up to 500$ and/or 6 months imprisonment! Read about the Community Decay Ordinance:

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