TFS: Free Community Internet and Public Phone

We have an update from the community hall– as follows:

Trego, Fortine, Stryker Community Hall (TFS Community Hall)

Announcing Free Community Internet Access and Public Phone

Trego— March 12, 2022 As of today, free Wi-Fi is available at the TFS Community Hall for our community and visitors.  This area is void of cellular service and having accessible Wi-Fi coverage and phone will benefit the community by allowing communication where there previously was none.  With generous support and guidance from InterBel in Eureka, this service is now available to anyone in the Trego area.

Safety and Convenience

There is very little cellular service in the Trego, Fortine, and Stryker area and this means that travelers through the area are on their own if they need to reach family and friends, get directions or have an emergency and need services.  By having a publicly available land line and wi-fi that enables wi-fi calling on cell phones, the Hall is providing a valuable service to the community. There is a sign at the hall near the phone that outlines how to connect to Wi-Fi and enable wi-fi calling.    Once this is done, users can reach friends and neighbors, contact emergency services or 1-800 numbers.  No long-distance calling is permitted.  In addition, users will be able to access the internet for directions or any other purpose from the TFS Hall Parking lots.

Product/Program Availability

The phone will be located in the alcove at the front of the TFS Community Hall and is free for use for those without mobile phones or who cannot enable wi-fi calling.  It is available 24/7.  The wi-fi password is TheHall1947 and is available to anyone wanting to connect to the internet. 

The TFS Community Hall hosts many community programs and with the support of InterBel, having access to phone and internet during these programs makes them far more efficient and enjoyable.  Currently the TFS Community Hall is available for rent for fundraisers and private events, they host a weekly Kids Play Day on Wednesdays at 10:30am, and distribute food on Fridays at 10:30 to over 150 families a week, and host a monthly community dinner.  All of these programs are free to the community.  The TFS Community Hall is exploring other programs and uses for the building.  If you would like to host an event or learn more you can contact them through Facebook or any board member.

Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting for the TFS Community Hall is March 25th at 5:30pm, free dinner will be provided by the TFS Community Hall and it is open to anyone who owns property in School District 53.


Annual Trego Christmas Bazaar

If the Bazaar had fewer crafters than in previous, it wasn’t obvious. Things were spread out and elegantly displayed as ever. There were old favorites, of the usual sort -a raffle quilt, baked goods, scarves, hats and mittens, baby blankets and little booties, some jewelry and a variety of elegant ornaments. Pottery -mugs, as well as pennants and magnets. Additionally there were conk paintings and wooden bowls, neither of which I recognized from previous years.

Cookies and hot beverages were available, and it was a pleasant chance to get out and see people, as well as to shop locally. Folks seemed quite pleased for the opportunity to resume holiday traditions.

The Bazaar began on Friday and ended Sunday -if you missed the chance, many of our local crafters can be contacted, and the historical village bazaar remains online.


Bread Giveaway

By now, you’ve probably noticed the frequent bread giveaways occurring in Trego. A few things to note:

It’s for everybody. There’s definitely enough bread, and it all needs a home.

Much of the bread is double-bagged and freezes well for storage

It’s not just bread, but other baked goods as well: english muffins, donuts, cookies, bagels, pizza crusts, hot dog buns…

This is not just about to go bad, days after the expiration date bread. It’s surplus from a warehouse, and a perfectly good product.

Why is it being given away? While we can thank the various places hosting the bread giveaways, the real force behind this is one man. He’s a retiree, who made arrangements with a warehouse, and collects surplus bread (and related products), often several times a week. He’s responsible for the bread giveaway at the senior citizen’s center in Eureka, and also provides bread to the food bank.

If you want to say thanks, the folks hosting the giveaway will be able to pass on your well wishes when next they see him. Given the situation (warehouse surplus, run by a single individual), it’s difficult to predict when/if the next giveaway will occur. So, keep an eye out!

Pick up bread. Pick up bread for your neighbors. And drop a word of thanks for the man who thought to arrange this, and has been selflessly giving away bread to the food bank and senior center for years.


Trego Civic Center Fundraiser

It’s been a rather uneventful season for Trego’s Civic Center. That is to say, with corona virus and associated restrictions, the events that provide the community hall with the ability to pay its monthly bills just haven’t been happening.

In more normal years, the community hall has hosted Christmas bazaars, weddings, funerals, plays, pie contests, Halloween parties and Thanksgiving meals, even dances. This year, with gatherings restricted, the hall has been mostly empty. In more recent months, it’s been the site for the North Valley Food Bank distributions.

Lack of activity means that the Civic Center is pressed for funds.
The answer? A fundraiser! All you can eat brisket and more for $15 a plate.
The Sawmill Bar is hosting the fundraiser this Saturday (October 3rd) from 1-6 PM.

Trego Civic Center Fundraiser Flier

The silent auction is expected to include: Schnapps (homemade), themed baskets: a wine basket, a Scentsy (Scentsy products include wickless candles, oils and diffusers) and Avon basket, among others.

Gun Raffle: A continuing fundraiser (ticket sales at events are difficult when there are no events), the drawing for the firearm is expected to take place at a Civic Center event this spring.

If you’re busy Saturday, the bake sale will be going Friday through Sunday and there should be future opportunities to purchase raffle tickets.

People wishing to donate to the Civic Center can also do so by mailing checks to their PO Box (# 393) , or by dropping them off at the Sawmill Bar. For further information, to get involved, or to donate to the silent auction, contact the Trego Civic Center at their facebook page.