Patches' Pieces, Wildlife

The not so perfect game camera, Vandals!

It is an unfortunate happening. Many game cameras will be vandalized or pilfered over their lifetime.  Python locks are used to keep the game cameras from being lifted. My vandals usually have 4 legs but occasionally there are those that have two.

The two-legged variety of vandals perch and defecate on the camera.  The four-legged variety usually hit the camera with speed, resulting in the tripod mount being broken and the camera somewhere on the ground.

My usual 4-legged suspects are deer.  Curious elk and cranky bears will also displace cameras.  This week, I found two tripod mounted cameras upside down and facing the opposite direction of their intended targets. After reviewing the video, I have determined the vandal was a curious cow.

The cow investigated the camera in the early morning hours. -Patches