This Year’s Pig Story

Admittedly, this year’s pig story isn’t nearly as good as last year’s pig story (no coats) but the fact that we have a yearly pig story is interesting.

This year’s saga (told via facebook) went something along the lines of:

‘Oh, interesting pig!’
Neat type. New to the area. Safely at home behind fence’
…sometime later…
‘Who’s pig is this?’

‘Pig Sighted at…’

‘Now he’s over here’

‘Trailer Court’

Trego Pub: “Bruce is back, he had a snack. Call us if you need your piggy back.”‘

‘In a pen’

‘Safely Home’

Photo courtesy of Mel Warren

This time, no coats or blankets were needed. And- at least for now- local news regarding pigs is confined to domestics. Feral hogs coming down across the Canadian line remain a concern- if you see any of those, consider using the “Squeal on Pigs” hotline.


Bread Giveaway Continues at Trego Pub

The Bread Giveaway is continuing, taking place at the Trego Pub and General Store.

There was so much overflow that discussion turned to school and daycare as places that might be able to use the excess. It isn’t just bread, it’s cookies, English muffins, donuts (and bread, of course).

As I observed at a previous bread giveaway, this is good quality bread it large quantities. As you can see, it’s taking up a bit of space. So, drop by the Pub and General Store, and pick up some bread. Pick some up for your neighbors, too.