Trego School Board Meets Tomorrow (Wed 9/9)

Trego School has two items of interest on the bulletin board in the post office this week. The first is the agenda for this Wednesday’s board meeting (6PM). The second is an announcement that there is an opening on the school board; anyone interested should contact the clerk for an application. Since the agenda for this upcoming meeting includes a discussion of that vacancy, those interested in applying should probably try to get their applications in before Wednesday’s meeting.

The meeting, which can be attended via gotomeeting, will begin with approval of the minutes from the August board meetings (the public is free to request copies of the minutes), allow time for general public comment, followed by the following reports: Board, Clerk, Maintenance, Supervising Teacher, Transportation

Returning from the last meeting is a discussion about school bus safety and extending the stop sign arms on the school buses.

Additionally, the board will be discussing fall maintenance items, attendance agreements, classroom dividers and the board member vacancy. Some discussion is expected involving the Flathead Special Education Cooperative, field trips, school security, technology and policy items. Specific policy items include Suspension and Expulsion, Administering Medicines to Students, and Screening for Dyslexia.

Since this is the first board meeting since school started last Wednesday (September 2nd), the meeting is sure to include status updates on how well things are working. The school’s Health and Safety plan includes temperature screening both on the bus and at the school entrance and a number of provisions for social distancing. The Transportation Report is sure to include details on how well temperature screening is working.

Attending the board meetings has never been easier. Visit or dial in using your phone. For those new to GoToMeeting, it does require an app download. Once you’ve downloaded (which you can do on computer, tablet, or smartphone) it’s a simple prompt: Use speaker/camera, or have it call your phone. Alternatively, if you’re going to use your phone, you can skip the app entirely and call in.

You can find a copy of the agenda at the Trego post Office, or request a copy at the Trego School.

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