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The mind is not a vessel to be built, but a fire to be kindled. -Plutarch

To Cook a Wild Turkey

Things are not always as they appear.  I’m used to domestic turkeys, purchased from a grocery store, stuffed and baked.  Frankly, it’s easy to do a passable job cooking a domestic turkey, and that experience doesn’t transfer readily to a wild turkey. After screwing up, I realized that it would be more appropriate to research… Continue reading To Cook a Wild Turkey

Covid- Looking at the Numbers

We’re starting to see the big numbers showing up on Covid – 46,490,733 total cases to date and 760,551 deaths (  Likewise, I see more cases, and more deaths, among friends and neighbors.  For quick and sloppy math, let’s assume 50 million cases in a population of 330 million – the numbers aren’t exactly… Continue reading Covid- Looking at the Numbers

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Thoughts on Drafting Women

I grew up in a nation where the draft was normal.  Came back from college for Thanksgiving break, drove into town and registered for the draft on Friday.  A while later, I got my first message from the draft board, granting me a II-S student deferment.  Many of my classmates had graduated high school holding… Continue reading Thoughts on Drafting Women

Firewood – dried, stacked and covered.  Mixed species – mostly Fir, some Larch, and a little pine.  Available for you to load in Trego  882-4835 (leave a message if we’re not in)  $130/cord

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