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Stahl Peak on 5/23

It’s the time when the snowpack can rise quickly – a cool, rainy Spring.  The latest observation is 34.3 inches of water on the pillow – 151% of the 30 year average.  It is definitely a lot easier to click the link than it was to haul the snow tubes up to get the data… Continue reading Stahl Peak on 5/23

Fewer Democrats than Hinsdale County

I’m looking at my primary ballots.  Montana has an extremely civilized method of conducting primary elections without forcing people to register with one questionable party or the other.  It’s nice – in South Dakota, the most fervent Democrat I knew had been registered as a Republican for 40 years, just so he could vote in… Continue reading Fewer Democrats than Hinsdale County

A Tombstone in Fortine

There’s a large, expensive tombstone in Fortine Cemetery, dating back to 1918.  The name, Waseles is one of the names the man lived under – but to his contemporaries in Trego and Eureka, he was Mike Smith.  It tells part – a small part – of the story.  My grandfather bought Waseles’ homestead in 1918.… Continue reading A Tombstone in Fortine

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Mitochondria and Aging

Mitochondria are one of the types of organelles (cell equivalent to organs) found within our cells. They’re often referred to as the “Powerhouse of the Cell” because of their role in metabolizing food into usable energy. But they may also play a role in aging. There has to be considerable amount of communication between the… Continue reading Mitochondria and Aging

Using Enough Gun

Sometimes the questions are enough to get you thinking – this time it was “What caliber pistol is best for bear country.  It got me thinking – we’ve seen a lot of changes in what constitutes enough gun since Lewis and Clark came through Montana almost 220 years ago. The phrase, “Use Enough Gun” comes… Continue reading Using Enough Gun

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. -Benjamin Franklin

The Differences Within a Group

A half-century ago, I encountered the phrase that “the difference within a race is greater than the difference between races.”  Experiences since then have tended to support that view – particularly in the field of genetics.  Twenty-three and me assures me that a bit over 2% of my genome is due to ancestral Neanderthals –… Continue reading The Differences Within a Group

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