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Force 5 Fresh Breeze

This installment on the Lincoln Electric Co-op members uprising includes my becoming involved.  A broken back provided me with 3 months of orders not to work, not to lift anything over 10 pounds – so getting involved with old friends had an appeal.  The nice thing was that neither side treated me as disabled, despite… Continue reading Force 5 Fresh Breeze

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In Case you Missed It

It’s late September and the usual topics are relevant again. How much heat do you really get in a cord of wood (not all cords are created equal)? Do filters really help with the smoke? What is that spider? (Cat-faced spiders are in evidence this time of the year) Where are all those bugs coming… Continue reading In Case you Missed It

The Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies are a science teacher’s nightmare. They’re a classic study for genetics- short life span, only six chromosomes. The trouble is, no matter what you do, somehow, someway, the darned things get loose. Fruit flies. Everywhere. They breed like, well, flies, and aren’t nearly as selective about diet as the name would suggest. A… Continue reading The Fruit Fly Trap

A Link to Inflation by Nation

This chart is taken from   It isn’t the whole thing – more of a teaser of excerpts to convince you that the link is worth the click and the read.  As a generality, it looks like having a bunch of oil keeps the Saudi inflation rate down, China and Japan have low inflation rates,… Continue reading A Link to Inflation by Nation

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. -Benjamin Franklin

Onion Soup

What to do with lots of onions? Soup! Onion soup is simple, good with bread, and relatively low effort. Not a meal in and of itself but a very good accompaniment to a meal.

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