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Eureka Montana Quilt Show

Eureka’s Outdoor Quilt Show was a success. Attendance was good. Sales were good.  The weather was beautiful, sunny, in the low 80s with a slight breeze. Over 40 quilters from Lincoln and Flathead Counties brought over 400 quilts to display and sell.  In addition almost sixty miniature quilts were displayed on the main grounds. Quilts… Continue reading Eureka Montana Quilt Show

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Recalling H.L. Menckin

Henry Louis Mencken lived from 1880 to 1956.  He wrote with a unique appreciation for America’s political system and politicians.  His reference to Scopes the trial as the “Monkey Trial” became part of our language and history.  Mencken wrote for the Baltimore Sun from 1899 until 1948, when a stroke took him out.  Not necessarily… Continue reading Recalling H.L. Menckin

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