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Bears in Trego

I had this guy on my porch (Fortine Creek and Brimstone) at 5am trying to get in my empty trash can. Scared him off only to come back at 10pm that night. That day I called the bear biologist (Wildlife Conflict Specialist? Grizzly Bear Technician? Something official sounding), Justine, and told her I was awakened… Continue reading Bears in Trego

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Reasons to Drive Past Whitefish

In Whitefish

Purchasing a bicycle to get to work is a luxury (for tax purposes). An exercise bike is not.

Purchasing a camera is a luxury. Having photos developed is not.

Pet food is a luxury. Veterinary care is not.

Candles are a luxury. Light bulbs are not.

Videos and DVDs are a luxury. Cable TV is not.

Second hand store items are a luxury. Appliances are not.

Crafted items, including those sold at arts and crafts fairs are luxuries. Computers are not. ..

Supreme Court Speculating

This season’s Supreme Court decisions that center on the second amendment have been a reversal of the trend that passed GCA68 back when I was an underclassman at Bozeman.  To me, the second amendment centers on the words “shall not be infringed.”  For my entire life, I have watched legislation and court decisions that seemed… Continue reading Supreme Court Speculating

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. -Benjamin Franklin

My Garden is Assimilated

Years back, one of my Dakota students commented “Well, I’m assimilated.”  Living in a state where the largest minority population is American Indian does give some understanding of assimilation – yet as a paleface who taught “Indians of North America”, I have to recognize how much the Native Americans assimilated my European ancestors.  In many… Continue reading My Garden is Assimilated

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