New Pre-School Resources in Trego

The TFS Community Hall, formerly the Trego Civic Center, will be aiming to serve a new demographic in our community this year: children under the age of 5. This group has long been overlooked, but no doubt plays a vital role in the future of our community; at least, that’s my opinion as a new mom and a member of the Hall’s volunteer board.

In partnership with Zero-to-Five Lincoln County, the Hall was able to purchase the supplies to make a brand new Learn and Play Area for young kids. The new setup includes elements such as a giant colorful area rug, modular kids play furniture, educational toys, and a miniature library that we hope to fill with a shmorgishborg of children’s literary delights… i.e. lots of books! To help this project move forward, the Hall is doing a book drive to fill the bookcase with the best variety of books possible.

If you’re looking to do a little spring cleaning, you can take your gently used children’s books and drop them off in the drop boxes located at the Trego Post Office, or the Trego Pub. If you don’t have a stack of books lying around, but you’d still like to help, you can order a copy of your favorite children’s book and ship it directly to the Hall’s PO Box, listed at the end of this article. 

If you’re wondering when the hall may “open” the new kids area, my goal is to have everything setup by the end of February, and be ready to welcome kids by the first week of March. Folks are welcome to reach out with questions, or better yet, attend the next board meeting on Tuesday February 8th, 7:00pm, at the Community Hall. Otherwise, keep an eye on the Hall’s reader board, our social media, and the local newspaper for the latest updates on the project!

Ship books to: 

TFS Community Hall

PO Box 393

Trego, MT 59934

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