March 15th, 2022

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TFS: Free Community Internet and Public Phone

We have an update from the community hall- as follows:

Trego, Fortine, Stryker Community Hall (TFS Community Hall)

Announcing Free Community Internet Access and Public Phone

Trego— March 12, 2022 As of today, free Wi-Fi is available at the TFS Community Hall for our community and visitors.  This area is void of cellular service and having accessible Wi-Fi coverage and phone will benefit the community by allowing communication where there previously was none.  With generous support and guidance from InterBel in Eureka, this service is now available to anyone in the Trego area.

Safety and Convenience

There is very little cellular service in the Trego, Fortine, and Stryker area and this means that travelers through the area are on their own…

Who is a Taxpayer?

I read the headline “61% of Americans paid no federal income taxes in 2020, Tax Policy Center says.”  The obvious correlation is that only 39% of Americans paid federal income taxes for 2020.  The number has several political implications. The third bullet point down read “The main reasons for the spike — high unemployment, large… Continue reading Who is a Taxpayer?

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Boys and Girls

As I look at education, and demography, some things show clearly:

The Price of Gas

Last week, after the next-day checkup following cataract surgery, we stopped for gas in Whitefish.  Whitefish has several convenient fuel stops, and, despite hearing that the town merits both a California Zip-code and area code, isn’t all that out-of-step with Montana. So, I pulled up to the pump, swiped the credit card (how I love… Continue reading The Price of Gas

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. -Benjamin Franklin

Thinking Government- Machiavelli

 Max Weber provided the simplest definition: “A government is an institution that holds a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence.”  Another, fancier way he phrased it is “A state is a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory.”  I kind of like using… Continue reading Thinking Government- Machiavelli

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