Community BBQ at Trego School

Busy! Amazingly busy. Optional tours (small group) coincided with grilling, snacking at picnic tables, the collection of paperwork, and a few very lively games of tag.

Trego School is revisiting the past with a collection of old photographs. Most of the photos feature smiling children, but a few feature their teachers. If you’d like to know who is featured, I’m afraid you’ll just have to drop by yourself!

After pausing to admire the display, we stopped to view the office. I was surprised to notice a computer set up beside the clear plastic screen that indicates the present year.

Trego School’s office, complete with a sign-in and guest computer

The computer, I was told, is for guests. While ultimately finding free wifi is usually possible, finding free computer access, outside a public library, is more challenging. So a simple computer here in Trego School represents the ability to apply for a job or print, or any of the myriad other things for which computers are so essential.

I was surprised by how functional the screens on each desk were. A quick demonstration showed that they barely limit elbow room in an adult. Another screen is present in the cafeteria, separating the student giving directions from the adult dishing up the trays, but ultimately there is little change. The classrooms will soon be acquiring filtration systems. Trego school remains determined to open, and determined to do so safely.

Finally, with the paperwork, was a trophy. Ms. Emma Brannon won second place in the 2020 Aviation Awareness poster contest she entered during the previous school year. Congratulations, Emma.

1 thought on “Community BBQ at Trego School”

  1. Excellent article!
    The school was in a great decline. But after a complete overall of the staff and a board that truly cares about the children and staff, it’s on the way up to new high’s!
    Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff, the children of district 53 are going to be well prepared for the future.


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