Firewood Rankings by Species

The change from burning forests to burning wood is coming fast – and while we use a lot of firewood, we rarely look at just how much heat each species produces, or at how much a cord weighs.  This chart, from the California Energy Commission, ranks production by species, and shows the weight of a cord.  At 3,321 pounds for a cord of dry Western Larch, it takes a pretty good pickup to carry a cord. 

Western Softwoods Figures from California Energy Commission BTU Rating Based on 90 cubic feet of solid wood per 128 cubic foot cord

SpeciesHeat Content (BTU’s per Cord)Weight Green (lbs per Cord)Weight Dry (lbs per Cord)
Western Larch (Tamarack)28.754543321
Douglas Fir26.550503075
Western Juniper26.454103050
Western Hemlock24.457302830
Lodgepole Pine22.342702580
Ponderosa Pine21.742702520
Sitka Spruce21.741002520
Red Fir20.640402400
White Fir21.131902400
Grand Fir20.138802330
Table from

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